Vietnam, Brazil reach deal on football friendly match.

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A friendly football match between the Vietnamese national team and Brazil ’s Olympic team will take place at Hanoi ’s My Dinh National Stadium on August 1.
To this effect, the Vietnam Football Federation (VFF) signed a contract with the Brazil Football Confederation (CBF) Matchworld Football SA in Singapore on July 20.

World stars Ronaldinho, Robinho and Anderson will be included in the Brazilian team, VFF Vice President Le Hung Dung and Matchworld Football SA President Sidi Airouss said.

The VFF will spend around 9.5 billion VND on organising the match. The sum includes 300,000 EUR that the VFF have to pay for Brazilian footballers and their airfare. The team will stay in Vietnam from July 29 to August 2.

The two sides reached consensus on broadcasting rights for the match, placing advertisement boards on the stadium, both teams’ training sessions and their friendly match and a meeting between the Brazilian squad with Vietnamese football fans.

Both sides also agreed on the safety and security principles for the Brazilian Olympic team during their five-day stay in Vietnam before they leave for the Beijing Olympic Games 2008 on August 2.
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the letter from korea.

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Summer outside the city-Vietnam

Summer outside the city

Getaway: Northern Vietnam’s natural beauty at Ao Vua Park, 70 km outside Hanoi
While the hot and bustling capital keeps most at bay during the Hanoi summer, a quick daytrip to neighboring Ha Tay Province’s Ao Vua, or King’s Pond, is a breath of fresh air and scenery.
Just 70 km from the center of Hanoi, Ao Vua is a stress-relieving oasis where a simple lake and a waterfall transport travelers worlds away from home...

Ardent anthropologist

The village of the O-Du people in Nga Mi Commune, Tuong Duong District, in central Nghe An Province.
Ito Masako has contributed much in studying the lives of Vietnam’s ethnic minority groups and preserving their threatened cultures.
Ito Masako is a Japanese woman whose lifework is based on the study and preservation of Vietnam’s ethnic minority cultures and customs.

She first visited ...

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Competition heats up for summer fashions

Competition heats up ...

HCM CITY — Along with summer comes summer apparel at competitive prices from local designers. Clothes horses can stock up on shirts for VND60,000 to 105,000 (US$3.5-6.4), pants for VND70,000 to 200,000 ($4-12) and shirts for VND170,000 to 300,000 ($10-18).

Trendy cuts

Fashion companies must come ....

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Petrol price rise sets new record

Petrol price rise sets new record(22-07-2008)

Motorcyclists queue for petrol at a filling station on Tran Hung Dao Street, Ha Noi. -- VNS Photo Viet Thanh
HA NOI — After several months of trying to stabilise petrol prices the Ministry of Finance yesterday announced an unexpected rise of VND4,500 per litre, the highest increase so far.

This is the second increase in petrol prices this year. The first was on February 25, which saw the price rise from VND13,000 to VND14,500.

During the press conference yesterday, Minister of Finance Vu Van Ninh announced that a jump of 31 per cent in the price of A92 gasoline, setting a new record of VND19,000 per litre.

The ministry also decided to increase the prices of diesel and kerosene by VND2,000 and VND6,100 per litre to VND15,950 and VND20,000 per litre, respectively.

"The increase is necessary as the prices of oil worldwide have been rising since the beginning of the year, putting a heavier burden on the State’s budget as well as on local petrol businesses," said Ninh.

In the first six months of the year, domestic oil and petrol enterprises suffered a loss of VND14.5 trillion (US$878ˆmillion) despite the commodities’ import tax of 0 per cent.

The world oil price in the second half of the year would be hard to maintain at average levels of $139.7 per barrel in the first 17 days of July. It was predicted to reach $145 per barrel in the third quarter of the year and $155 per barrel in the fourth quarter.

If domestic oil and petrol prices were kept at the current level in the last six months of the year, petrol businesses would suffer a loss between VND67 trillion ($4 billion) to VND72 trillion ($4.4 billion), and the State budget would face many difficulties because projected revenue from crude oil was only VND40 trillion ($2.4 billion), not enough to compensate for the loss, the minister said.

If partial adjustments were not made to the price this year, it would place heavy pressures on the management of oil and petrol price next year, which would have a domino effect on management of other commodities’ prices. Furthermore, it would not encourage oil and petrol users to save on the energy source.

Oil smuggling through the border is still proving difficult to control because the current price in Viet Nam is still VND7,000-8,000 lower than that in Cambodia, making it necessary to adjust prices.

"As the country integrates itself into the world economy, we have to manage oil and petrol prices in line with the market mechanism. We do not have the ability to separate the domestic price system from that of the world market as we still have to import 100 per cent of oil and petroleum products," Ninh said.

Shopping to be costlier

Minister Ninh admitted that this price hike would have a negative impact on the country’s production, especially on industries which use a large amount of petroleum products.

The minister estimated that the petrol price increase would push up the consumer price index from now to the end of the year by between 0.5 and 0.7 per cent.

Nguyen Thi Mai Chi who works for a bank in Ha Noi said that "the increase will affect my five-member family’s spending but I cannot cut any expense as all of it is necessary.

"I am very worried because both my husband and brother work far from home and our petrol costs will be much higher now."

Chairman of the Ha Noi Taxi....
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Viet Nam to face off against South Korea.

Viet Nam to face off against South Korea.

HA NOI — Viet Nam A will meet South Korea A in the final of the Golden Paddle Table Tennis Tournament at HCM City’s Phan Dinh Phung Gymnasium.

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Temple of literature is considered a symbol of confucianism in Vietnam.The first university in the South East Asia which used to educate many talents of the country has now become the one of the most well-known historical relics in Hanoi,where many cultural events of the capital are organized.
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Hanoi,welcome to You.!

Hanoi is known as one of the most beautiful city in Asia .It is not only a political,socio-economical center of Vietnam but also a cultural,tourist-attracted metropolitan with thousands of cultural-historical-architectural relics and heritage,a lot of sightseeing places,craftsman villages and handicraft products.Hanoi is one of the oldest cities of Vietnam with a long history.On a visit to Hanoi, every tourist can make his own excursion into the lifestyle of people in a nearly 1000 year old city.
Just like...
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The Hello Vietnam's words.


loi bai hat tieng viet
Lời bài hát Bonjour Vietnam (Trần Duy Thực - dịch sang tiếng Việt)
Việt Nam ơi, xin cất tiếng chào người !

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Vietnam-the hidden charm..!


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Vietnam's cities.

It is to the cities you must go to get beneath the skin of vietnam.Their intoxicating contradictions are hypnotising: the headlong rush towards the future while hanging on tight to the past; the motorbikes,mobiles and miniskirts of the new generation side by side with the politics,pagodas and piety of the old. Marx one minute, MTV the next;Vietnam is evolving fast and the cities are the only place to hitch a ride.

Hue' is the city for culture vultures,the old imperial capital with a flair for food .Dash through Danang to discover the museum of Cham sculpture -the finest collection of Cham art in the world.

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Hanoi has been a culture center of the coutry for thousands of years; There fore ,it acquires both physical and mental cultural characteristic of other regions of the nation,including eating & drinking habits.Hanoi has long been famous for many tasteful dishes such as Pho (noodle),all kinds of Bun (rice noodle served with many kinds of meat and spices), Nem ran (spring rolls), Cha ca la vong (filleted fish slices broiled over charcoal),Com vong ( green rice flakes produced in Vong village) ,Banh cuon(steamed rice pancake),...etc.

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