Vietnam-the hidden charm..!


prepare for sensory overload,as vietnam is one long trip of sights,sounds and smells.

The sights are spectacular,thanks to a rich civillisation that has left its temples and traditions throughout the land,and a luck hand with nature,which has dealt vietnam breathtaking mountains,a killer coastline and sublime scenery.A place of blessed beauty,vietnam is blanketed from top to toe with a patchwork of emerald-green rice paddies,timelessly tended by farmers in conical hats.

There is no volume control on the soundtrack to vietnam-it is the story of a people on the move,the bustle of the cities as they rush towards the future.The buzz of bikes,the cries of sellers,the hum of voices and the clink of beer glasses collide head-on with the tinkle of the past in the pagodas,the swish of the scythe or the haunting music that accompanies sadness or success.vietnam's cuisine is a cracker,a wonderful world of pungent herbs and secret spices,a treasure chest of 500 different dishes.Overstimulating perhaps is the smell of nuoc mam,a fish sauce that is as compulsory for the vietnamese as ketchup.And don't forget the xeo (rice wine) ,which is as varied as scotch.
Nam to a generation,the long history of war continues to weigh heavily on the consciousness of all who can remember,but here the vietnamese side of the story is told at poignant sites throughout the country.Fiercely protective of their independence and sovereignty,the vietnames are graciously welcoming to those who come in peace.
In short,vietnam is defiantly different...hardly surprising,as it has had to defy so many to get to where it is today.

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